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I admire agencies that decline to defend accounts when they go into review. The shock and the loss of trust is part of it, but then the horrible process of defense is demoralizing. I liken it to “Defending your marriage.”

Your wife walks into the room and says, “Honey, you’ve worked hard on this marriage, I’ve loved your commitment to this thing, but…well I’ve been thinking I could do better. Let’s admit it, you’ve put on a few pounds and frankly, I’m reading about other men out there who…Noooo, baby, don’t take this wrong! Seriously, I love you, I do, I DO. I’m just sayin’, I’ve been getting calls from other guys and there’s really nothing wrong with my seeing their presentations. You can put on YOUR presentation, too, darlin’. Seriously. Let me get my calendar here. Okay, I’ve scheduled one of the new guys, Ted — nice guy, you’ll like him, I swear — I have Ted on April 15th, the morning slot from 9:30 to noon. Which puts you presenting at … HONEY! You don’t want to present LAST, do you? So I have you presenting in the second slot, first day. A great slot and seriously, you do NOT want to go first.”

If an account wants to leave after all the work you’ve put in, hey, this is America. They can. Just don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.


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